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1st February 2010 : Long time without any updates! Added a page about the Airgoo HMT and my work on porting Linux to it.
8th November 2006 : Finally rewrote website to just use server side includes ('90s style) and got rid of PHP.
3rd April 2006 : Updated list of patches to Open Source projects.
9th October 2005 : Debian on NSLU2 howto updated. Serial port no longer needed, and work is under way to also get rid of the USB ethernet adaptor.
21th July 2005 : Debian on NSLU2 howto hit the news:,,,,,, Debian Weekly News,, ...
18th July 2005 : Installing Debian Sarge on a Linksys NSLU2 howto added to articles page.
18th May 2005 : eCos and Simscan patches added to software page.
28th September 2004 : SE99 examples updated to cleanly compile with a recent version of GCC.
25th September 2004 : CV updated.
15th December 2002 : Source code from 1st semester project uncovered from the basement. Boa patch to add --disable-gunzip option added to software page. Access control patch no longer needed as it is included in Boa 0.94.14rc8.
9th December 2002 : Boa access control patch updated to version 0.94.14rc7.
9th November 2002 : 1st and 2nd semester university projects added to the university page. Thanks to Mads and Tonny for helping me to dig them out of the old bitbucket
27th October 2002 : Website redesign. The website now uses CSS and proper HTML 4.0.1. As a result the code is much cleaner
26th October 2002 : Added an access control patch to the Boa webserver to the software page
24th October 2002 : Frontpage of 4th semester project added to university page. Thanks to Tonny for scanning it for me
30th September 2002 : Created a patch to the Boa webserver, which makes it handle the HTTP/1.1 Content-Range header. It can be found on the software page
8th July 2002 : Curriculum Vitae updated
27th June 2002 : MPEG video sequences from my master thesis exam are now online on the university page
24th June 2002 : Updated university page with slides and lowres edition of 9/10th semester report
11th June 2002 : 9/10th Semester report added to university page
7th May 2002 : I set up webalizer to generate HTTP statistics for today. Last month there was almost 70 gigs of web traffic!
6th May 2002 : An article about buffer overflows added to the articles page
2nd May 2002 : Software page udated with some of my old Dos code. Man, those were the days ;)
5th Feb 2002 : University page udated with the projects from 3rd - 6th semester