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Here is a (incomplete) list of various software I have made during the years. More software can be found in my GIT trees. All software on this page is released under the GPL.

Boa Patches [C/Linux/Boa]
Various patches for the Boa webserver (v0.94.13/14). Remember to rerun autoconf after applying as some of the patches add new compile-time options.
HTTP range patch - Patch adds support for the HTTP/1.1 Content-Range header. [0.94.13]
Access control patch - Patch adds access control using allow/deny wildcards. [0.94.13] [0.94.14rc7][Included in 0.94.14rc8]
Disable gunzip patch - Patch adds --disable-gunzip configure option [0.94.14rc8]

Buildroot Patches [C/Linux/Buildroot]
Various patches for the buildroot buildsystem. See here for details.

eCos Patches [C/eCos/Embedded]
Various patches for eCos (embedded Configurable operating system). The list of patches is getting too long, so see here for the list. Most are already in eCos CVS.

GFX System [TMT-Pascal/Dos/Vesa 2.0]
Graphics library for 32bit RGBA access under Dos using the linear framebuffer of Vesa 2.0+. VGA mode 0x13 332 bit RGB fake mode fallback supported as well. This is listed on the user contributed files page of TMT-Pascal.
Download version 0.15

Data logging application for GPS recievers using the NMEA 0183 standard. Serial communication is performed using a FOSSIL (Fido/Opus/Seadog Standard Interface Level) driver. Includes a textmode interface for visual inspection of the NMEA data.
Download version 1.0

Ipkgfind [PHP/Linux/Mysql]
Search engine for .ipk packages used by the Familiar Linux distribution for handheld computers (PDAs). Built on PHP and the Mysql database. This system is currently running at the HP sponsored site and the NSLU2-Linux project.
No downloads. Grab it from CVS instead.

Linux Kernel Patches [C/Linux/Kernel]
Various patches for the Linux kernel. See here for details.

MiniEngine [C++/Linux/OpenGL]
A Linux port of the OpenGL 3D MiniEngine originally written for Windows by echo/fudge. The Original Windows version is unfortunately AFAIK no longer available online.
Download version 0.0.1

Mixer347 [TMT-Pascal,Asm/Dos/Soundblaster]
A graphical software mixer/effect unit written for Dos/Soundblaster 16+ sound cards. All internal audio processing is performed using single precission floating point. Made for my 2nd semester university project.
Download version 1.0

Simscan Patches [C/Linux/Simscan]
Patch to add a qmailqueue option to the /var/qmail/control/simcontrol file for per-domain control of QMAILQUEUE. [2005/05/12: In CVS]

Spew Emulator [Asm/Dos/Nasm]
Spew CPU emulator in 269 bytes for Hugi size coding competition#9. Lots of ugly selfmodifying code used.
Download final version

SQL Proxy [C/Linux/PostgreSQL]
SQL Proxy is a program for doing transparent distribution of load between a number of SQL servers. Currently only PostgreSQL is supported. made for my 7th semester university project.
Download version 0.0.1

Summer Encounter 1999 examples [C++/Linux/LibSDL]
A Linux port of the example code from SE99. The original Dos version can be found here.
Download version 0.0.3

TinyPTC [Asm,C/Dos/DJGPP,Nasm]
TinyPTC is a simple and low level graphics library for software rendering in 32 bit color. This is the Dos version for DJGPP and graphics cards supporting Vesa 2.0+ linear framebuffer.
Download version 0.1